Laptopograms are images made by pressing photosensitive paper onto a laptop screen and flashing an image in a manner not unlike contact printing or photograms

‘Laptopogram’ is a misnomer - I reckon they can be made with pretty much any monitor. Perhaps ‘Luminous Screen Emulsion Transfers’ is a better. 

Here, however, the negative is a digital image - and is flashed for a little time onto the paper before developing the image in a darkroom. 

These prints were made with an IBM R51 Thinkpad running Lucid Lynx with a resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels.

All prints were developed on Ilford Ilfospeeed RC Deluxe 5 Glossy paper using Tetenal Neofin Blau with water as a stop bath and a fixer of unknown provenance.

Here is the script to turn the monitor on and off:

sudo vbetool dpms on ; sleep 2.0; sudo vbetool dpms off

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This was developed during a residency at, Benetton’s experimental lab in Treviso. 

- Aditya Mandayam